Gatsby Starter Landing Page

Create custom landing pages using Gatsby and Contentful

This starter-theme combo makes it easy to quickly create custom landing pages in your Gatsby site from Contentful. Use this as a starting point to create custom components that match your visual branding.

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Batteries Included

Everything you need to start creating landing pages today

The Power of a Theme, with the simplicity of a Starter

Most of this starter's functionality is built as a Gatsby Theme, meaning you can continue to receive updates and bugfixes after creating your site. Use the starter to quickly suss out a proof-of-concept or start a new project. Use the theme to quickly add landing pages to your existing site.

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Content Model Included

Use the included content model JSON files to scaffold your Contentful Space without having to reinvent the wheel.

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With perfect Lighthouse scores, you can be sure your landing pages are performant, thanks to Gatsby and Gatsby Cloud.

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Get started in minutes & make it your own

Flexible enough for any project

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This starter uses as few dependencies as possible to create landing pages with Contentful, making it quick and easy to incorporate your own styles to match the look and feel of your brand.

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Customize the typography, colors, and components built into this starter to match your own visual branding.

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The components included in this starter are meant as a starting point to extend the functionality by building your own custom components.

What others are saying

"Contentful allows content creators at Gatsby to quickly create and edit landing pages without having to coordinate with multiple other teams."
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Carrie Contentson
"The landing page theme makes it painless to update styles and add new functionality that our Marketing team can use."
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Debbie Developson
"This is the landing page setup I never knew I wanted until now."
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Perry Productson

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